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Ginerations ago British explorers made the Gin-Tonic into what it is today.

In the eighteen-hundreds they sailed beyond the edges of the map searching for new worlds. Their journeys could last years. Spending long months at sea, burned by the sun and drenched by the waves, they craved refreshment. Unfortunately for the explorers on board drinks such as ale expired too quickly, and whiskey or cognac were too expensive. So they began to bring a more common drink on board, one that could survive the elements during their travels: Gin. A sharp, strong drink originating from The Netherlands. To balance the strong flavor the sailors added tonic. Chosen because it contained “quinine”, the only known antidote to malaria. Finally, they added slices of oranges and lemons filled with vitamins to prevent scurvy.

And so a drink was created for it’s practical, medicinal properties but it quickly spread around the world because, quite simply, it tasted great! Ginerations later, we’ve created a gin which draws on these centuries of tradition to create a refreshing, adventurous drink which you can now enjoy today




Orange Blossom




Juniper Berries


Our Perfect Serve

50 ml Gineration

200 ml Fever-Tree Elderflower

2 Orange Slices

1 Basil Leaf

Our Perfect Serve

Cafe Sjiek, Sint Pieterstraat 13, Maastricht

Benji’s Toko, Baarsjesweg 188, Amsterdam

Cinq, Cörversplein 5, Maastricht

CIRCL, Gustav Mahlerplein 1B, Amsterdam

Normandy, Spoorweglaan 4, Maastricht

Flying Dutchman Cocktails, Singel 460, Amsterdam

‘t Wycker Cabinet, Wyckerbrugstraat 29B, Maastricht

Graphite, Paardenstraat 15, Amsterdam

Villeneuve, Observantenweg 2, Maastricht

Benji’s Bro, Maassluisstraat 243, Amsterdam

Fitz Roy Urban Hotel, Boschstraat 70, Maastricht

Renato’s Osteria, van der Helstplein, Amsterdam

Bold Rooftopbar, Sphinxcour 9A, Maastricht

Mr. Smith, Rechtstraat 55, Maastricht

Shake&Serve, Maastricht

La Rêve, Bodemsweg 3a, Maastricht

Van Bommel, Platielstraat 13, Maastricht

Cafe-Brasserie CAPITAL, Markt 30, Maastricht

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